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Modified Car Insurance


Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance requires a specialist policy designed to cover the modifications made to your vehicle.

modified car insurance comparison

It can often be difficult to obtain a competitive quote from some companies or brokers. This is because of the increased risks associated with modified car insurance and hence the reluctance of these companies to take on this type of business.

Regardless of whether you have lowered the suspension, added a new spoiler, wider alloy wheels, body kit, extra lights, or a complete mechanical overhaul of the car, you will need to investigate the premiums on offer from niche providers such as Adrian Flux, among others.

Often the specialist insurers will have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the finer details of structuring your policy. If you are unsure of the consequences of any modification you have made to your car and the effects this will have on the premium - don't be afraid to ask before accepting any deal or offer. The best customer services teams understand this specialised market and will expertly guide you through the process.

When making your application for a modified car insurance quote, be sure to declare everything that has been added to or altered on the vehicle. Not doing so could invalidate any subsequent claim you might make, and leave you seriously out of pocket.