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Diamond Car Insurance

Providing competitive motor quotes for lady drivers, Diamond car insurance is committed to reducing the cost of motoring for women.

There is no doubting that in general terms women are safer drivers then men. This is borne out by the stark fact: 96% of convicted dangerous drivers are men! The risk to the provider for insuring a careful women driver is thus less than a comparative male. This is how Diamond car insurance can deliver value-for-money quotations to female motorists.

Diamond specialise in car insurance for women. Their entire ethos and corporate objective's are centered around this sector of the car insurance market. Statistically women have less serious accidents than men. So although the number of claims between men and women is similar, the amount car insurance companies have to pay out for claims by women is on the whole lower.

Classified as a direct insurer Diamond has removed a lot of the associated costs of providing a competitive quote by cutting out the middleman. You will be able to apply for a quotation across the three standard levels of UK motoring cover - Comprehensive Diamond car insurance, third party, fire and theft and third party only. Diamond car insurance quotations are particularly competitive for women in the following instances:

  • First time lady drivers
  • Have you recently lost your No Claims Bonus?
  • Less than five-year's NCB? Women drivers that have not got maximum No Claims Bonus - can utilise the Diamond Bonus Accelerator policy
  • Women motorists who drive a sports or performance car
  • Lady drivers wishing to include men as named drivers on a Diamond policy