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Business and Financial Offers and News, 21st August 2006 - Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance

21st August 2006

Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance
Sheilas’ Wheels is a car insurance brand designed to offer women a truly competitive price with multiple benefits for their money - PLUS customers receive a 10% online discount.

Only women motorists are welcome! This insurer offers a fantastic no claim discount that rises to a huge 75% and a free courtesy car if your vehicle is being repaired by one of their repairers.

There are also some useful, innovative policy options including additional cover for your handbag and its contents up to £300 if it's stolen or damaged while in your car, 24-hour confidential counseling line for policyholders, and a network of specially trained female-friendly repair outfits.

Sheilas’ Wheels products and services are available to women drivers in mainland England, Scotland and Wales.


Sheilas Wheels Motor Insurance