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Lancaster Classic Car Insurance

Lancaster Car Insurance

Lancaster Car Insurance

Lancaster specialise in providing highly competitive insurance cover for classic and vintage cars. In addition this intermediary can provide low quotes for high performance cars and models from other esoteric and low production manufacturers.

Lancaster are members of The Institute of Insurance Brokers and as such you can rest assured that their motor insurance arrangements will meet your demands and needs. Policy features and benefits can incorporate:

  • Limited mileage discounts from 1500 miles to unlimited mileage per annum
  • Up to a full 65% good driver discount for clean driving and claims records
  • Further discount on insurance for classic cars under restoration in garages are covered under laid up policies.
  • Legal expenses insurance and free green card cover
  • In Car Entertainment cover

With this type of motor insurance, policies can often seem complex, containing many terms, conditions, exclusions and warranties, which is why it often pays to obtain the level of professional advice associated with companies such as Lancaster. Comprehensive car insurance is available to residents of the UK, excluding Northern Ireland. Special schemes are available for owners of Land Rovers, MG’s, Mini’s and 4X4 vehicles.

If you are presently a member of a classic or sports car club then it may be possible to acquire certain discounts. Remember, always declare to Lancaster everything about your vehicle which may affect the policy and subsequent quote.

Agreed Valuations
An agreed valuation provides certification and the guarantee to pay-out on the pre-determined valuation before a total loss claim occurs. As a Lancaster policyholder you will receive the full amount less the standard policy excess.