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Outstanding TVR Car Insurance policies delivering high cover levels and value for money premiums. Covering the following UK models:

  • TVR Tuscan
  • TVR Sagaris
  • TVR T350
  • TVR T440R
  • TVR Tamora

The TVR marque was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson. The first car was built in 1949 and featured a Ford 100E engine to which he added his own design metal body shell.

Since its creation the company has gone through various stages of success and failure. There is a long line of TVR models that includes the early No.2 TVR Grantura, Vixen, Tuscan, Taimar, 3000S, Tasmin/280i, 350i, 390SE, 420 and 450SEAC, 400 and 450SE, S1, S2, S3 and S4, V8S, Griffith, Chimaera, Cerbera, Tuscan, Tamora, Sagaris and T400R/Typhon.

Although each car was unique every TVR was conceived with Wilkinson's underlying concept of fitting a GRP body to a multi-tubular chassis with front engine and rear wheel drive, with particular attention being paid to power/weight ratios. The modern day TVR is built to order by hand in Blackpool, England with current production figures making TVR probably the largest wholely British motor manufacturer remaining.

Although there is no direct TVR car insurance offered by the manufacturer it is important to shop around in order to locate the most suitable and competitive premiums for your TVR.

Your policy will need to be tailor made according to where you live, number of miles travelled per annum, the TVR model you own, and your individual driving style. Your TVR is a genuine performance vehicle and as such the insurance group rating will be high (18/20). Because of this it is worth considering more specialist sports car insurers as well as mainstream car insurance companies.

The TVR Car Club is the club for everyone interested in the TVR marque world-wide. Here you can discuss with other members the best providers for your TVR Car Insurance requirements.