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Value-for-money Rover Car Insurance premiums with excellent cover levels, covering the following UK models:

  • City Rover
  • Streetwise
  • Rover 25
  • Rover 45
  • Rover 75, Tourer
  • Rover Commerce

A famous name in British motoring history, Rover Cars has experienced a period of financial instability over the last few years, culminating in the MG Rover Group going into administration in 2005.

Their is no doubt however of the major contribution this company has made to the history of the British motor industry. Based in coventry, UK the Rover Car brand has always prided itself on innovative design and high quality production. During the 1930's through to the 1950's the motto was 'One of Britain's Fine Cars'.

Many small cars came off the production line in the late twentieth century including the Metro, Maestro and popular Rover 25. Corporate partnerships with the German Manufacturer BMW and Honda from Japan breathed new life into the organisation during the late nineteen-eighties and nineties. However neither partner stayed long enough to make a real impact on the Rover balance sheet.

The latest part of the Rover Jigsaw has been created by the Chinese company Nanjing who have purchased the remains of the Rover Group (from the Phoenix Consortium) for a nominal £50 million pounds.

When selecting your rover car insurance it is important to choose a policy that matches your vehicle and driving style. Whether you currently own a Rover 25, 45, or 75 saloon or estate it is vital that you shop around as quotes and premiums can vary from different insurers.

The insurance group rating for your Rover will vary according to the model and derivative. The smallest R25 will be insurance group 3, The most powerful R75 could well be as high as a group 18 rating. You can match the level of cover for your Rover according to you personal profile i.e. lady driver, student, where you live, and the number of miles you driver per annum. Increasing the excess on your Rover car insurance policy will lower your monthly premiums.