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Competitive Porsche Car Insurance premiums combined with outstanding cover levels, covering the following UK models:

  • Porsche 911, 996, 997, Turbo, GT2, GT3
  • Boxster
  • Cayman
  • Carrera GT
  • Cayenne

Porsche motor cars are one of the most recognisable brands in the world. A long history of designing and building superlative performance vehicles and recently the introduction of the sporty Cayman and stunning Cayenne 4x4 off-road.

An automotive colossus the company has just purchased a steak in the VW (Volkswagen) group, making it the single largest shareholder. This typifies the aggressive stance the business is now taking in positioning itself as a major global player within the automotive industry.

When purchasing a Porsche you are rewarded with the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Unfortunately this also entails that your Porsche car insurance premium is going to be classed in the higher insurance groups, for example:

  • 911 Carrera Car insurance group 20
  • Boxster Car insurance group 19
  • Cayenne insurance Car insurance group 20

It is essential that you are properly covered for your Porsche motor insurance. Their is no excuse for not obtaining the maximum levels of cover for you performance car or ultra powerful Cayenne.

Porsche Insurance Services offers the only motor insurance that is officially endorsed by Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited. It provides exceptional cover, competitive premiums and total peace of mind. Features and benefits can include:

  • All repairs carried out by an Porsche Centre or Porsche Centre Approved Body Repairer, using only Original Porsche Parts or authorised materials fitted by a Porsche trained technician.
  • Unlimited cover for car hi-fi or communications equipment supplied and fitted by Porsche.
  • UK accident recovery service to your nearest Porsche Centre Approved Body Repairer.
  • Easy payment plans including credit / debit cards and monthly direct debit.